Our Team

"New technologies, new ideas
and new ways of thinking are my passion"
"Curiosity drives me to learn
something new everyday"

The Founding of

After living, studying and working in different countries, we realized how hard it is to make real connections when leaving the student environment. We were not a big fan of the swiping mentality and frankly speaking who wants to be one of 100 potential matches?

Disappointed by the lack of seriosity we knew that meeting offline should be the quickest outcome of these online apps and that's how the idea for NETME came about.

Launched in summer 2019, NETME is the #1 app where you can easily meet new people offline - without swiping, long chats and dubious requests.

Where can I found out more about the app?

Any questions? You will find many answers in our FAQ. If you have any further questions, ideas or suggestions, or if you would like to tell us about your NETME experience, please contact us at support@netme.eu.